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About Indian Nature Tours
Indian Nature Tours brings together expertise developed through deep associations with the wildlife and adventure of India. Selecting INT for your trips to India opens the door to the experience and diversity of our team, a process which has delighted many over recent years. INT prides itself on understanding a clients wishes and delivering service which exceed your expectations whether be it an Adventure trip to the mountains or a Cultural trip to India. INT’s vast experience covers the diversity of the region.

We know first-hand the best ways to help you to enjoy and enhance your understanding and appreciation of the environment. Your trip/safari will use the best facilities and the best guides. Choosing INT also directly supports the BCTI, which ensures for all of us a future for our environment and bio-diversity. So whether it be tigers or lions (yes we have lions !) elephants or rhinos, the jungles of the south or the high altitude plateaus of the north … all of these experiences can be blended for you in an experience which will be richly woven with the diverse cultures of the many people of India. Let INT show you how.

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